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    Instrumental Access 2018

    Introducing Instrumental Access 2018

    11 countries.


    16 university departments.


    Hundreds of researchers.


    Thousands of scientists-in-training.


    Unlimited potential.

    Meet the Instrumental Access
    2018 awardees
    Instrumental Access 2018 map

    These outstanding awardees will receive a shipment of lab equipment through our flagship program, Instrumental Access.


    Equipment will catalyze teaching and research in agriculture, climate change, water quality, drug discovery, infectious disease, cancer, forensic sciences, and more…


    Our 2018 awardees were unveiled at our Positively Instrumental event,where we celebrated 10 years of global science!


    Vice-chancellors and scientists from 14 of our awardee universities joined us for the celebration.

    Positively Instrumental 2018

    At Positively Instrumental, we also honored three donors with Global Visionary Awards:

    Global Visionary Award winners
    Learn more about the
    2018 Global Visionary Awards
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