Dear team. My name is Aurelia  Munene from Kenya. I am a researcher.  I have aspirations of being a great research mentor. I like working with fellow early career researchers to grow our skills together. I have observed that there are few  if any effective mentoring processes for us budding researchers especially within our universities. Authoraid provides rich research support however, if the enivroments in the universities  are not very supportive, the mentee can only do so much sometimes.  How can we slowly transform these envoroments to be more supportive?

Therefore, the gap I see is in the is in  development and implementation of tailor made  innovative research mentorship processes s  so as to influence a positive research culture.  In light of this, I would like to get a mentor who can help me be a research mentor and as help me think through some  ideas  I have but they need to be examined further. Some of them are :how to establish effective research clubs,  journal clubs, how to build circles of support processes between faculity, postgraduate, graduate and undergradute, how can lecturers become more of mentors and less of supervisors, designing studies to examine what research mentorship works and what does not etc.I hope my request is appropriate for this forum. Thank you. Authoraid has played a signifcant role in my research journey.