Dear Biomedical Scientist,

We write to inform you about our services in regards to mentorship.

Listed below are many of the practical Intercontinental mentoring , research assistance and search services which we can assist you with through our associate researchers worldwide.

·        Provision of mentoring handbook for biomedical scientists.

·        Provision of letter of support for applications for research grants.

·        Provision of letters of recommendation for applications for admission , scholarships and fellowships.

·        Provision of avenues for rapid publication of books and publications.

·        Provision of training on special biomedical skills and techniques like genotyping etc.

·        Preparation of research proposals , business plans and applications for research grants.

·        Establishment and laboratory installation of Tuberculosis , HIV/AIDS and other biomedical reference laboratories.

·        Sourcing and supply of biomedical equipment, chemicals and reagents.

·        Preparation of curriculum vitae (CV) and resume writing.

·        And many more.

A mentor is a communicator, counselor, coach, advisor, broker, referral agent and advocate. We serve as your communicator , counselor and many more. Get a mentor today for:

·        Review of manuscript drafts.

·        Development of grant applications.

·        Career development.

·        Skills development.

·        Orientation to organizations.

·        Orientation to positions etc.

Find out many other things that  our mentoring programme can do for you.  Request for our mentorship application and registration form , mentorship agreement form and a mentoring handbook.

Please contact us for any further information in regard to any questions you might have. If you do not need our services now, please keep this information for reference purposes.

For further information and details, please contact :

The Mentoring Administrator,

Philip Nelson Institute of Medical Research, Lagos, Nigeria.

Telephone: +2348166582414, +2348140624643, +2348173175179.


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