Hi everyone,

Have you written or are you writing a manuscript that requires English language editing? Then here is your opportunity to get free assistance. We have a small number of free vouchers for professional editing services*, which we will be awarding to AuthorAID members who post the most interesting or useful contributions to the new forums at http://forums.authoraid.info

To qualify, you need to do one or more (or all three!) the following:

You may contribute as many posts as you like! The best contributors will be chosen for a free editing voucher - deadline is March 15th. Email us at authoraid@inasp.info by 15th March if you think you qualify.

* vouchers are provided for professional manuscript editing with Research Square (American Journal Editors)  https://www.researchsquare.com/company/researchers#aje  

For more information on our partnership with Research Square, please read here: http://blog.inasp.info/authoraid-workshop-participants-gain-free-editorial-support-partnership/

Best wishes