Collaborative agreements: A ‘how to’ guide (by Victoria Henson-Apollonio )
"Partnerships can be an extremely effective way to harness additional skills and resources and minimize costs. Collabo
ration allows scientists (and other partners) to access a broad range of expertise and fosters a multi-disciplinary approach,
both of which are often required when tackling complex research issues. However, it may be difficult to make the most
of collaborative agreements, since different partners may have different objectives and approaches and misunderstandings
can occur. Creating successful partnerships involves:
  • developing a vision that can be used to shape a shared understanding of the project’s goals;
  • defining individual activities and objectives;
  • defining a joint approach that brings the benefits of collaboration to each organization;
  • developing a joint work plan;
  • identifying methods for dealing jointly with any disagreements or conflicts; and
  • drafting a written agreement that reflects the outcomes of this process"

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