Calling all scientists and clinicians who work in the forensic field!

I'm on the Editorial Board of the new journal "FSI: Reports". It's the latest one to emerge in Elsevier's Forensic Science International family of journals.

We encourage all researchers in any area of the forensic field to submit their short reports. This includes "negative" reports/studies -- the journal is a Sound Science Journal, so it makes publication decisions based on sound science, rather than on perceived impact of the publication.

It is an Open Access journal, but please note that most authors in developing countries can publish for free through Elsevier's participation in the Research4Life programme (researchers in areas in band A can publish for free, and those in band B get 50% discount on the $650 publication fee).

If you have any questions about submissions, or about eligibility to publish for free or at a reduced cost, please contact the relevant Section Editor (emails found via this page link):

The first volume is currently in progress, but you can find some of its already finalized-articles here:


Best wishes,