Context : 
   PVC is a material commonly used in plumbing, with numerous applications for both pressure and drainage systems. C-PVC has additional intrinsic properties, such as its strength and its abilities to withstand high water temperatures. The C-PVC material is a technical compound intended to a long term and hot water application (designed for 50 years), which requires an optimal anticipation of short-term and long-term effects. The sustainability of this system is directly related to the knowledge of its physical and chemical aging process.
The project is funded by ALIAXIS, an international group and leader in the manufacturing and distribution of fluid handling solutions, with more than 100 manufacturing and commercial companies operating over 45 countries. Its extensive portfolio of plastic pipes and fittings products find their way into buildings, civil infrastructure and industrial applications all over the world. ALIAXIS Research and Development (ARD) is the Corporate Research and Innovation Center housing three Expertise Capability Teams: Processing & Materials, Analytical Characterization and Failure Forensics, and Water Management Technologies.

Detailed presentation:
   The strategy proposed in this PhD Thesis is based on:
• Performing experimental tests and building a material database focusing on a better understanding of the effect of properties change based on the material microstructural evolution and its impact on the final properties. Such characterization will be performed at different length scales using available test equipment (SEM, DSC, DMA, tensile machine, ….)
• Developing and validating a macroscopic material model accounting for material changes through internal state variables

This strategy will be applied to one single C-PVC compound, modifying some formulation parameters, to check whether the origin of short-term behavior of the material is linked to them or not, and if so, how. 
- Microstructural analysis using Optical Microscopy (OM) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
- DSC, DMA, IR …
C-PVC, mechanical properties, microstructure, modelling
Project category / cooperation
Industrial partner and employer: ALIAXIS
Skills, abilities requested
Engineering degree or MSc in Materials Science, Mechanics of Materials with excellent academic records.
Skills: Proficiency in English, ability to work closely with an industrial partner
Gross annual salary
CIFRE Convention.
- MINES ParisTech - CEMEF, Sophia-Antipolis (06), France
- short stays at ALIAXIS R&D premises, Vernouillet (78), France
CEMEF teams
Computational Solid Mechanics (CSM) / Physical Mechanics of Industrial Polymers (MPI)