Hello everyone, allow me to share my experience about standard journal edition from American Journal Expert with the free coupon received from AuthorAid. I have received a coupon after the successful completion of Research Communication online offering on this November.  

Their editing is so smooth and rigorous, I am amazed. After the revision and correction of those comments they provided with my manuscript, I sent the paper to the journal “Agricultural Sciences” a journal published by Scientific Research (SCRIP) (link: http://www.scirp.org/journal/AS/).   

Now it has accepted for the March issue volume 9, issue 2. I am waiting eagerly to see the paper out. It is my new experience as a corresponding author as well. I would like to thank the entire AuthorAid team for making the things possible. I hope the journal selection is not bad.

I feel confident and motivated from the activities and now more actively I have been participating to write papers and thinking several new areas of research gap within environmental economics. Interested colleagues and friends from the globe, please do share Ideas and let's connect to collaborative work in matching issues. We can make cross-country study on this issue.  

Within the platform, I think we can grow a lot.

Thank you, AuthorAid team, for giving such a wonderful platform.

Thank you. 


Niranjan Devkota

Doctoral Candidate in Economics

Tribhuvan University Nepal