Journal africain des sciences politiques

African journal of political sciences

ISSN: 2661-7323

ISSN ONLINE:2661-7617


Indexed in The PKP Index includes 897630 records indexed from 3478 publications.under ref 4107

مدير التحرير الناشر المسؤول :الأستاذ بشير شايب

نائب رئيس التحرير مسؤول القسم العربي :الدكتورة براك صورية

جامعة 20 أوت 1955 سكيكدة الجزائر

An international academic journal, which publishes original and innovative studies and research in various sciences that deal with the study of man in terms of ethics, society, behavior, history and politics. With full openness to political, legal and social studies on world affairs. Accepted research and studies written in Arabic, French and English for publication in the journal provided that the general publishing rules are respected in front of all researchers working in different universities and research centers