I am working on a research project with my team here in Nigeria and I am in need of Bibliometric information from Web of Science, Scopus but I do not have access to it from my current place of residence (Nigeria) besides, my research centre does not have access either. Hence, I need someone who has access to these databases: Scopus and Web of Science to assist me in retrieving information on Nigeria. 

Here is the Search Detail

Field of Study: Social Sciences

Subject search: Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, Economics, Business, Education, Sociology, Law, Political Science, Social and Economic Geography, Media and communications, Interdisciplinary social sciences.

Country: Nigeria

Year: 1999 - 2018

Search parameters: Authors, Journal, Conference proceedings, Institutions

Database to search: Web of Science (Social Science Citation Index); Scopus

 Please send the output of your findings, including the search query  to yusuffshola@yahoo.com

Note: This is urgent, hence, I will appreciate your prompt response to this request ASAP. 

Thank you.

Yusuff Utieyineshola Adeleke
Head/Assistant Chief Research Officer 
Science Policy and Innovation Studies Department (SPIS)
National Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM)
Abuja, Nigeria. 
Mobile/WhatsApp: +2348174480268
Skype: yusuff.shola1