Hi everyone,

Welcome to the AuthorAID LIS & Bibliometrics Journal Club!

This journal club covers themes including Library Information Science (LIS), bibliometrics, scientometrics, scholarly publishing, knowledge management/production, and related topics.

Every two weeks we will introduce a new paper and critically analyse both the strengths/weaknesses of the paper and also it's content and practical application.


  1. WhatsApp group: We will use this group for informal discussion and quick communication (click here to join - requires WhatsApp mobile or desktop app).
  2. AuthorAID forum group: We will use this for formal analysis and discussion that can be permanently referenced; and as a hub for storing resources, learning materials

After a quick straw poll amongst the initial group of members, the following research/professional interests have been highlighted:

  • Knowledge/information management x6
  • Open access publishing x 6
  • Information literacy  x4
  • Geopolitics of academic writing x4
  • Institutional repositories x3
  • Scientometrics x 2
  • Bibliometrics x 2
  • Health information literacy x3
  • Research data management x3
  • Social media x3
  • LIS in Africa x 3
  • Electronic resources  x2
  • Digitization and curation x 2
  • Academic librarianship x2
  • English as lingua Franca x2
  • Reference management
  • ICT4D
  • Library automation,
  • Artificial intelligence,
  • Health Systems
  • library ergonomics
  • Information assurance/information security
  • Library digital technologies and services, electronic
  • Organisational behaviour
  • Gender issues
  • Reading culture
  • Open data
  • Open Science
  • Research support
  • Scholarly communications
  • Online science tools
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Health science librarianship
  • Other scientific topics x5*

*If your thematic focus is different from the above, don't worry - we will also be discussing 'cross-cutting' issues which you may find very useful.

Please feel free to introduce yourself below.