Hi everybody,

We originally set this forum up for AuthorAID mentors, but due to technical issues it hasn't worked very well. We've done some research and found that Google Groups will work much better for us.

If you are an AuthorAID mentor, please join our new group here:

https://groups.google.com/g/authoraid-mentors - you will need to click on the ‘Join Group’ button to access the group.

We will look at other channels such as live Zoom sessions and WhatsApp in coming months, as well as discussing how we can improve our platform, guidance and resources for mentors and mentees. We also have an exciting new mentoring project coming up soon which we will announce in the group!

I look forward to seeing you on the discussion group.

Please note:

·  It is not mandatory to have a Gmail email address to use this group, but if you do have a Gmail address, or an existing Google account we would recommend using this to register.

·  If you have a Gmail or Google account, but want to sign up with a different email address, you can also join by sending an email to authoraid-mentors+subscribe@googlegroups.com

·  You can change your preferences for email notifications at any time. The options are to receive an email for every message, an email every 25 messages, a daily summary, or no email notifications at all.