Now days all developing countries are invest crores of rupees on the name of “Digital Library Projects” or “New Millennium Projects” for the purpose of collect, preserve and disseminate our cultural, educational, economic, social aspects, research and other existing aspects in the society. All projects main objectives is “To collect, preserve and transformation of rare resources or information in a country”. But most of the projects has been disappear after the completion project duration or destroy once that financial assistance will stopped or some of phycological issues also will impact on

In this case we needs to study on present status of DLP in developing countries, in that ways we needs to know

  1. How many DLP projects was sanctioned,
  2. How many DLP projects has been implemented,
  3. How many DLP projects has been running,
  4. How many DLP projects has been disappear,
  5. How much amount has been spent on DLP projects
  6. Problems of DLP projects
  7. And bring some national DLP policies in government level

So if anybody catch my views, than please let me know the future possibilities in this regards


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