Do you want to establish a tuberculosis genomics laboratory in your country?

We can help you by  research collaboration, support  and guidance
in the establishment of a  Tuberculosis Genomics Research Laboratory in your country. 
We will help you in the area of feasibility studies, proposal writing, grant sourcing,  procurement of equipment and materials, consultancy services, laboratory design and construction, training of personnel and provision of information on:
1. Material Needs: These include infrastructural facilities like laboratory equipment, reagents, consumables and disposables and information technology equipment required in the  tuberculosis (TB) genomics laboratory and where you can purchase them.
2. Human Capacity Development: The TB genomics laboratory will need to employ more hands to meet the demands of the TB genomics laboratory . These newly-employed staff will need to be trained in TB genomics in your laboratory and other laboratories we  may refer us to for this kind of training. We  will send you a list and contact addresses of those scientists or laboratories that can train your staff on TB genomics.
As part of the Human Capacity Development programme, renowned scientists  and other experts from well established TB genomic laboratories abroad will be periodically invited on short working visits, to your TB genomics laboratory. It is expected that during these short visits, the invited scientists and experts will work with your staff and impart some genomic laboratory
skills and knowledge of good laboratory practices to your staff.
Occassionally, staff from other TB genomics  laboratories will visit  your laboratory or other
laboratories of these invited scientists/experts on exchange training programmes. We will help you to ensure that in-house training and encouragement of your  staff will be continously carried out to ensure that genetic data generated from the programmes in the genomics laboratory are
published in the international peer-reviewed journals. Your staff will also be encouraged to participate in relevant meetings/workshops/ conferences both at national and international levels.
The ultimate expectation is that these various programmes in human capacity development will help enhance the critical mass of expertise required for the Tuberculosis Genomics Laboratory  which will help you in the control of multi-drug and extensive drug resistant tuberculosis as drug resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosis is genetically based.
Data from genetic studies in developed countries are often extrapolated and applied in developing countries.There is a need to generate country-specific genetic data on TB from your country because most times data from other countries are often extrapolated and applied in TB control programmes of other countries even as the biological dynamics of the disease transmission mechanisms  vary in the various countries which often leads to failure of TB control programmes There is a great and urgent need for each country to generate its own genetic data for efficient implementation of TB control strategies.
We look forward to help you to establish a tuberculosis genomics laboratory in your country. Contact  E-mail:  for additional information and details.