Dear Member,

Please find below, a list of the first batch of research groups of the International Research Forum.

  1. Malaria Research Group.
  2. TB/HIV/AIDS Research Group.
  3. Maternal child /Reproductive Health Research Group.
  4. Health Systems Research Group
  5. Non-communicable diseases research group.
  6. Neglected Tropical Diseases Research Group (NTDs).
  7. Emergency preparedness and responses research group.
  8. Immunology and vaccination research group.
  9. Infectious diseases research group.
  10. Communicable diseases research group.
  11. Clinical trials research group.
  12. Chemical Sciences Research Group.
  13. Environmental sciences and Pollution research group.
  14. New drug discovery research group.
  15. Diabetes Research Group.
  16. Public Health Research Group.
  17. Phytomedicine Research Group.
  18. Physical  Sciences Research Group.
  19. Mathematical Sciences Research Group.
  20. Computer Sciences Research Group.
  21. Linguistics Research Group.
  22. Business and Economics Research Group.
  23. Engineering Research Group.
  24. Biochemical Sciences Research Group.
  25. Biological and Chemical Sciences Research Group.
  26. Arts and Humanities Research Group.
  27. Agricultural Science Research Group.
  28. Business and Management Science Research Group.
  29. Social Sciences Research Group
  30. Polymer Chemistry Technology Research Group.
  31. Microbiology Research Group.
  32. Biochemistry Research Group.
  33. Botanical Sciences Research Group.
  34. Toxicology Research Group.
  35. Anthropology Research Group.
  36. Logic, Philosophy and Human Existence Research Group.
  37. Mycology Research Group.
  38. Measurement and Evaluation Research Group
  39. Monitoring and Evaluation Research Group.
  40. Project Management Research Group.
  41. Psychology Research Group.
  42. Education Research Group.
  43. Gastric Cancer Research Group.
  44. Occupational  Health research Group.
  45. Anthropology Research Group.
  46. Biodiversity Conservation Research Group.
  47. Epidemiology Research Group.
  48. Food and Nutrition Research Group.
  49. Business and Economics Research Group.


Many more research groups will be created in due course as more people in other areas joins the forum.

The research groups have been  incorporated into the International Research Forum to enhance local and international research collaborations and also to create a stronger foundation for the attraction of foreign research grants.

To ensure research collaboration, all researchers are therefore directed to freely choose the research group they wish to belong. Every researcher is also free to belong to more than one research group.

Please let me know the research group (s) you wish to belong to as soon as possible.

More research groups , projects and international collaborators will be added in due course.

Thank you very much for your support.

Best wishes!


Philip Ifesinachi Anochie.

Research Scientist/ISID/ESCMID Fellow.

Research Coordinator, International Research Forum.

Telephone: +2348166582414, +2348140624643, +2348173175179.

E-mail: OR




 RESEARCHID: F-7158-2017.