Dear Friend,

 We are a group of researchers working on helping patients to overcome  the crisis of tuberculosis and AIDS.

Tuberculosis (TB) is the greatest cause of death in the AIDS setting, having caused approximately 50% of all AIDS deaths globally.

Our mission is to participate very actively in the discovery of  techniques, methods and treatments that will bring about the control and eradication of tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS.

 I write to inform you that in the  month of August 2017, we are prepared  a review article titled;  " Natural plant resources for anti-tuberculosis therapy: A review".

This article was  published in peer-reviewed international journals outside Africa.

 We would like you to collaborate with us by contributing to this review article.

You can contribute to this  article for publication by reviewing the  works of other authors that have published articles and reports on  this topic, books, internet, or from your ideas or research experience in this field.

We would appreciate it if you can send us your own contribution to this article on or before the 31st August, 2017 .  


 When we receive your contribution to the article, we will compile it  with the works of other authors involved in this project and publish   it in a peer-reviewed international journal.

The line of authorship will be based on the level of contribution by each participating researcher/author.

 Please find attached, a schedule of review articles to be prepared and  published from August 2017 to September  2020, and a list of some of our members.

Please let us know if you are interested in this research collaboration.

We look forward to working with you.


 Best wishes.

 Yours sincerely,


Philip Anochie,

Research Scientist/ISID/ESCMID Fellow,

Philip Nelson Institute of Medical Research

Project  Coordinator,

International TB/HIV/AIDS Research Group.

P.O BOX 55601, Falomo, Ikoyi,

 Lagos, 101008, Nigeria.

Telephone: +2348166582414,  +2348173175179, +2348140624643.

 E-mail: philipnelsoninstitute@yahoo. com.

ORCID ID: Http:// 2057-9163.

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FACEBOOK:  Http:// profile/philip_anochie.